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The original Sanskrit root of the Satanic races

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The original Sanskrit root of the Satanic races
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The pre Adamic Satanic race of Angels or KumarasSatan is an archaic racial alias name. i.e. the root phonetic origin of Sana and Sanat. Santhathi means Issue, descendant, Rishi or "Fathers of Mankind". The original meaning of the term Satanic races now becomes clear through this study and research into its Sanskrit root. JPC.

The earlier ages of the Satanic race.. Who, then,or what were those races, since the author still maintains that Adam is the first man of our race? It was THE SATANIC RACE AND RACES! SDI 324.

'Santhanam' in Winslow's Tamil Dictionary is given as offspring, progeny, issue, it seems to be derived from a Sanskrit root which means "to extend" and thus originally to have the wider meaning of lineage. www.

Each Root-Race is considered as the Santhathi of a particular Manu. SD2 140.

The Satanic and pre-Adamic races, yet if having no other way out of their difficulties the Scientists have to choose between the two, we feel certain that, Scripture notwithstanding, once the mystery language is approximately mastered, it is the archaic teaching that will be accepted. SD1 325.

...spirits, whether human, satanic, or elemental. IU1 112.

the pre-Adamic race of "Angels. SD1 324.

The Kumaras, for instance, are called the "Four" though in reality seven in number, because Sanaka, Sananda, Sanatana and Sanat-Kumara are the chief Vaidhatra (their patronymic name), as they spring from the "four-fold mystery." SD1 89.

The Exoteric four are: Sanat-Kumara, Sananda, Sanaka, and Sanatana; and the esoteric three are: Sana, Kapila, and Sanat-sujata. Special attention is once more drawn to this class of Dhyan Chohans, for herein lies the mystery of generation and heredity hinted at in Book I. (See the four Orders of Angelic Beings; Comment on Stanza VII.). Book II. explains their position in the divine Hierarchy. Meanwhile, let us see what the exoteric texts say about them... [But these are again all aliases].

They do not say much; nothing to him who fails to read between the lines. "We must have recourse, here, to other Puranas for the elucidation of this term," remarks Wilson, who does not suspect for one moment that he is in the presence of the "Angels of Darkness," SD1 457.

There are seven Kumâras-four exoteric and three secret-the names of the latter being found in the Sânkhya Bhâshya, by Gaudapâdâchârya. [ The three secret names are "Sana, Sanat Sujâta, and Kapila: " while the four exoteric Gods are called Sanat Kumâra, Sananda, Sanaka, and Sanâtana.] They are all "Virgin Gods," who remain eternally pure and innocent. SD3 327.

The period of these Kumaras is Pre-Adamic. i.e. before the separation of the sexes, and before humanity had received the creative, or sacred, fire of Prometheus.] remaining Kaumâric (virgin and undefiled) SD3 192.


1. word and compounded word meanings:
1.1 The word sanaatan has the following root words:
a) sanat which is an epithet of brhmah.
b) sanaa or sanaat means always, perpetual
1.2 The word sanaatan expresses in creation which is perpetual, constant, eternal, permanent, firm fixed, settled, primeval, ancient.
SAT: root (truth) expresses the existence of (shakti of brhmah which are eternal and are not affected by cycles. – Means “eternal existence.” The one ever-present Reality; the divine Essence or Be-ness. Sanatana Dharma: The eternal omnipresent truth or law.
Satan is near the district called Khandesh (Land of Cain).

Santana Dharma: the eternal teaching; traditional name for the Hindu religion.

Santa: peaceful, quiet, calm, still, rested.

...Similar words with similar meanings from Sanskrit and Hebrew. However it is also known that many standard Sanskrit words that meant good things, were kept in the early Hebrew, but with their meanings reversed. As such, a word for instance meaning "good wife" in Sanskrit may have meant "whore" in Hebrew. www.